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The sophisticated design, state of the art mechanism, the maximum level of safety, and the smartest technology, Broon certainly deserves to be entitled the ultimate the toy of wonders. Every aspect of Broon perfectly displays the .identity of a real car. Not just a car, it is a supercar for your kids.

Broon, A Class of Its Own





The World VS BROON F8

 We are proudly presenting a product that you have never seen any where in the world.


The Ordinary

  • 12V motor
  • Single or dual speed modes
  • On/off Accelerator/Brake
  • Physical Shaft Steering
  • Leather Seat/
  • Simple Placstic Exterior
  • No Suspension
  • Simple On/Of remote


  • Completely modularaized Part
  • Open and shut Hood/Trunk/Doors
  • Dual 12V/24V 15,000RPM 5 Series DC Motor
  • 5 level Speed Control Mode
  • 3 driving modes
  • RWD(F810,F830)
  • 4WD(F850,F870)
  • Independent Gas Shock Absorber Suspension Indepent
  • Coil Spring Suspension
  • 120 phase angle detection
  • Electronic Multi-link Steering System
  • Electronic Ratio Control System
  • Bluetooth 4.0 Remote Control
  • Smart Safety Driving System
  • High Density Urethane Tires
  • Eletronic Braking System
  • 7 inch Tablet PC with Smart
  • Operating System Integrated(Optional)
  • Touch Pad Control
  • Ergonomically Structured Utrethane-Leather Bucket Seat
  • 4 point seat belt
  • Sliding Dock Dashboard
  • Battery Pack System
  • Driving Information System
  • Voice, Visual Guidance System
  • Self-Diagnosis System
  • Brake Pedal, Accelerator Pedal
  • itisexam

Изкуството в изпълнението
Изисканост до съвършенство

Наша страст е предоставянето на най-безопасната среда за вашите деца, при запазване на цялото забавления от управлението на автомобила. Ние разработихме една системата, осигуряваща най-сигурното и в същото време забавно преживяване при шофиране. Внедрихме най-новите технологии и най-реалистичните авточасти като скоростната кутия, електронни дискови спирачки, гуми от уретанова пяна, инфоразвлекателни технологии с ОС Android, а това изведе Henes далеч пред всяка конкуренция.

Пътуване, което ще събуди всички сетива

BROON е оборудван с най-съвременни компоненти, които не сте виждали в други играчки. Всъщност, едва ли ще ги видите другаде, освен в BROON, дори и в бъдеще. Само BROON е оборудван с технология, която да събуди всички усещания чрез сетивно шофиране и контрол. Свръхчувствителният и прецизен волан, ускорението и спирането са просто разтърсващи

Превъзходна степен на комфорт

Ергономичната структура на спортната кожена седалка на BROON® обгръща детето в най-удобната и здравословна поза и ефективно повишава безопасността, като същевременно намалява нивото на умора на вашето дете. D-образна форма на волана и скоростният лост са разположени удобно и са перфектно проектирани с цел да улеснят контрола при управление. Сензорният дисплей също допринася за улеснява контрола на всички функции на BROON.


Accelerating the Future

Broon is very much a product of today`s leading technology. Constant thriving to deepen our research and continual investment in the best people and the latest technology aided design and R&D facilities have empowered Henes to produce the ultimate toy of wonders. It certainly out performs all others.

Out performs all others. Broon F8


Broon is very much a product of today`s leading technology. Constant thriving to deepen our research and continual investment in the best people and the latest technology aided design and R&D facilities have empowered Henes to produce the ultimate toy of wonders. It certainly out performs all others.

Individual Suspensions with Gas Shock Absorber & Coil Spring on All 4 wheels

Broon is equipped with individual supensions on all wheels. The suspensions have upper and lower arm structure, which firmly supports the wheels. The gas shock absorbers prevent vibration stemming from the springs, thus providing the smoothest driving even on rough surfaces. It will be the most comfortable ride your child can ever experience.



Spoke Wheels & Urethane Foam Tires

Unlike the toy wheels used on most kids` vehicles, Broon’s wheel structure is similar to that on an actual motor vehicle. The spoke wheels, which is lighter, more agile, and durable, are connected to the suspension and steering link via wheel fastener. Internally, large bearings are used on each wheel, allowing it to rotate smoothly. In addition, a dense urethane foam tire is used, minimizing vibration and noise from the road while vastly improving traction and over all performance.

* The photo could be viewed differently with the actual product. Pllease be advised that the specs could vary by different models.

Ultra-Precise Electronic Steering System

The UltraPrecise Gearbox for the Electronic Steering Motor is made of aluminum alloy and has metal gears. The speed reducer for the steering motor of the 3rd generation Broon has highly precise steering sensor, which detects the steering in 150 levels, thus providing prompt steering responses. This is amazing progress compared to that of the 2nd generation, which could detect the steering just in 8 levels. The high performance motor and the sophisticated metal gear enable the stronger and gentler steering performance.


Multi-link Steering System


The steering system on the 3rd generation BROON is completely inter-linked with the suspension. Thus, it can move very precisely and systematically to the right and left & up and down without fail just like an actual motor vehicle. In addition, the central axis of the steering is located at the center of the wheel, enabling much more improved steering performance as the wheels are turning to the left and the right on the central axis unlike other ride on toys which wheels are moving back and forth when turning.

7 Series High-power Capacity Dual Motors with 24V

24 voltage 7 series Dual motor brings massive amount of torque and speed, which allows Broon to drive up to 16 km/h. While showing the amazing performance, it only consumes about 60~70% of electricity compared to other existing batterypowered motor vehicles. Moreover, the encoder equipped in the motor counts the RPM and perfectly recognizes its rotating direction, so that accurate running information can be traced through the intrumental panel. Using the information allows the user to have a highly precise driving experience. (F850, F870)

※ Actual results of performance and other specifications may vary with production models and may depend on selected options and trim levels. F830 is equipped with 12V 5 series motor.

High Precision Electronic Steering Gear Reducer

The Ultra-Precision Gearbox for the Electronic Steering Motor is made of aluminum alloy and has metal gears. The speed reducer for the steering motor of the 3rd generation BROON has highly precise steering sensor, which detects the steering in 150 levels, thus providing prompt and highly accurate steering responses. This is amazing progress compared to that of the 2nd generation, which could detect the steering in just 8 levels. The high performance motor and the sophisticated metal gear thus provide precise and smooth steering performance.


Electronic Accelerator and Brake Pedal

Electronic accelerator and brake pedal can detect the amount of pressure onto the pedal in 120 levels which allow highly precise control of the vehicle. Along with the advanced pedal, the Coretex M3 32bit main control system electronically receives the variable data from the pedal to electronically control the acceleration and braking precisely. By using this technology, the driver can adjust the acceleration and braking response sensitivity by changing the driving modes, thereby making it possible to enjoy both smooth and dynamic driving . The pedals can also be used as an input device for playing games and other fuctionality.

Selectable Braking Mode System (Auto / Manual)

Broon’s braking mode can be selected between automatic mode and manual mode. The manual braking mode is suitable for skilled driver, which uses the brake pedal to stop the vehicle. The automatic mode makes the accelerator pedal to apply brakes On/Off. When the pedal is applied it accelerates and brakes when let go.


All parts in Broon are perfectly modularized which makes it easier to replace parts and maximize customizability. The base platform and exterior parts are standardized in single type throughout different models of Broon. Thus, it allows user’s to freely interchange its looks among different models of Broon.

Perfect Protection

Henes is committed to the safety and protection of both the child and the vehicle as well as others on the road. Each model Henes features an array of driver aids designed to assist in safer driving and maneuvering. In fact, the company has pioneered many safety systems that are not commonly used with other competing brands. It is a dedication to safety that is ongoing and can be found in many of the features on the Broon series.


It is our passion to provide the most safe environment to our children while preserving all of the fun factors of driving a vehicle. We were able to develop just the system to provide the most safe and fun driving experience. Implementing the latest technology and implicating the most realistic auto parts, such as the gear box, electronic disc brakes, urethane foam tires, or the ability to employ Android OS as Broon`s infotainment system, Henes firmly stands at the forefront of all competition.

Active Driving Safety System

The Broon series’ main CPU is integrated with 6 sensors detecting its electric current, voltage, rev count, direction, and internal temparature. Broon uses the data collected from the sensors to actively detect unusual activities of the vehicle and respond with adequate measures. The cases of unusual activites are when the vehicle is running in stiff hills, when over-current or over-voltage is detected, or when the vehicle detects over-weight. In response to the unusual activities, Broon decides whether to activate emergency stop or shut down of the system, and give voice instruction to take appropriate actions such as rest the vehicle for some time or move the vehicle to a safer place.

Real-time Driving Terrain Detection

Broon actively detects the condition of the road and environment, and automatically makes adjustments in PWM output which either reduces or increase the speed of the vehicle to ensure safety at all times. Moreover, the hall sensor(F810, F830) or encorder(F850, F870) integrated in the motor accurately detects the RPM of the motor, and if the rate is determined to be abnormal, the vehicle automatically shuts down and signals the user of the details of the problem.

Wheel Revolution Counter

When the vehicle turns, Broon detects the revolution rate of individual wheels, and makes adjustsments of the rev rate based on the turn angle or the size of curve.

Driving Control




– Unquestiomable Superiority –

Completely Modularized and Standardized Structure

We have managed to develop a completely standardized modularization of interior and exterior structure, which allows user`s to customize its internal settings and the exterior designs in various ways in the simplest manner. It certainly quenchers every single userʼs distinctive taste.



Modularized Exterior Compenents

The completely modularized exterior components allow users to easily interchange the parts with other Broon models. Also it opens the door to cutomizability. The exterior parts can be modified or designed if

※ Actual results of performance and other specifications may differ or vary with production models and may depend on selected options and trim levels.


Maximized Convenience

※ Actual product may differ from image shown above.



Bluetooth 4.0 BLE 


Bluetooth 4.0 BLE Wireless Controller equipped with Ratio Control Function

The remote controller of Broon is equipped with the latest Bluetooth 4.0 BLE technology. The connection established using this method is very stable and it has significantly lower rate of interference and malfunctions.




What is Ratio Control Method?

The Ratio Control function uses 2.4 Ghz frequency to establish two-way communication line between Broon and the controller which effectively prevents frequency interferences and the possible consquent malfunctions. It collects the real-time steering system data, which determines the accutrate direction of the vehicle and as you turn the steering knob, the applied turn angles is precisely applied to the vehicle. It is also applie to acceleration trigger. The level of acceleration can be controlled by the amount of pull that is applied to the trigger. It gives you full acceleration if you pull the trigger all the way and it accurately adjusts its speed just as the amount of pull you give to the trigger.

Remote Vibration and Stop Function

If the vehilce gets too far from the remote control and goes out of range, Bluetooth Remote Control vibrates to warn the user, and if the connection is lost, the vehicle automatically stops immidiately.


Battery status is indicated on the Tablet PC at all times and it reports the current status via voice guidance

Smart Battery Management System

Broon’s advanced BMS (Battery Management System) accumulates driving data, driving patterns, battery charging history, battery consumption rate, and accurately calculates the battery level and remaining running distance. The figures are displayed on screen and it is also guided through audio.

Battery Pack and smart indicator

The battery on Broon is no just connected directly via battery clip, it is connected via battery pack and connector , which make it easier for user’s to carry extra battery and easily change it to run the vehicle much longer. (Extra battery is sold separately) It also makes it easier to recharge the battery detached from the vehicle and connect it to the wall outlet using the adapter. The battery pack has a button that prevents full exhaustion of the battery and battery level indicater, thus the condition of the battery can be effectively managed.

Self-diagnosis System

Broon is equipped with Self-diagnosis System, so when the vehicle seems to be malfunctioning, users can simply run the selfdiagnosis to accurately detect the problem causing the malfuction. If the problem is not detected through the selfdiagnosis, user can run the manual checkup using the precise diagnosis mode which gives the user the voice instructions of how to check all of Broon’s components.

Ergonomic structure

Human Central Design

Bucket Seat

Broon is equipped with ergonomically designed leather bucket seat. This leather seat with refined stitches makes the car more sophisticated and sensuous. The ergonomic design of the bucket seat, which is similar to those of actual motor vehicles, provides maximum comfort while maintaining a good posture to ensure safety.This leather seat can also be removed from the body of the car by simply using the one-touch button.





Broon F8 4-point Seat belt



In case of any emergency situations such as possible collisions or physical impact, we installed 4-point seat belts which increases the safety of the driver significantly more than the ordinary 2-point seat belt


The most optimal Seat Position

The ordinary ride-on car toys have seats that are angled almost vertical which is very unconfortable and not safe. Through research, we have structured the seat in the most ergonomically optimal fashion.



Be In Complete Control of Broon By A Single Touch.



Tablet PC & Touch Pad

The instrumental penal is selectable between Android OS Tablet PC or touch pad panel. Both penals perfectly control all its function of Broon in the easiest manner.

      Speed Limit Settings

      Brake Mode Settings


        Music Playback

      Driving Mode Settingss

      Control Mode Settings

      General Settings

       Light Mode Settings

        Lock Mode Settings

Lock Mode Settings


The easiest and efficient Touch User Interface




Speed Level Settings

It adjusts the speed limit of the vehicle. The set speed level is strictly controlled and followed by the main operational system. The main control system runs the vehicle as

Speed Level Settings

It adjusts the speed limit of the vehicle. The set speed level is strictly controlled and followed by the main operational system. The main control system runs the vehicle as


System Lock

The system lock setting


Mp3 Player

USB input



Emergency Warning System

When Broon detects any sign of malfunctions, it makes sure to let you know about it. Users can acknowledge the current status of the vehicle timely to ensure maximum safety of your child, and it also makes it convenient to fix the problem efficiently. The messages indicate specific problem Broon is experiencing.


Android OS

The 3rd generation BROON with 7inch tablet pc with android OS opens a whole new world for our children. The vast amount of contents on Google Play Store are accessible at your finger tips. With the Wi-fi connection available, you can download all kinds of apps on the device, which will allow Broon to become an advanced education center, an arcade, and a movie theater by accessing thousands of clips on Youtube. It is unquestionable that Broon will become the most favorite place for our children to be.

Driving simulation and Game mode

The 3rd generation BROON provides driving simulation mode with traffic safety education guides Kids can have an simulated driving experience of an actual motor vehicle and learn to drive.

Cloud Computing System

With its enabled Wifi network and Android OS, you can make all kinds of media accessable through various multimedia devices, such as Smart phones, smart TV, and PC.


HDMI Connector

With the HDMI cable connector, users can connect the instrumental panel to an external scree to enjoy the multimedia and games through bigger screen, TV, and beam projectors.


The Most Powerful and Beautiful Plastic





Polycarbonates received their name because they are polymers containing carbonate groups. Most polycarbonates of commercial interest are derived from rigid monomers. A balance of useful features including temperature resistance, impact resistance and optical properties position polycarbonates between commodity plastics and engineering plastics.





(Polyphenylene Sulfide)

Polyphenylene sulfide is an engineering plastic, commonly used today as a high-performance thermoplastic.[2] PPS can be molded, extruded, or machined to high tolerances. In its pure solid form, it may be opaque white to light tan in color. Maximum service temperature is 218 °C (424 °F). PPS has not been found to dissolve in any solvent at temperatures below about 200 ° C (392 °F).







The engineering plastic, PC and PPS allowed the sophisticated looks and extra durable external and internal parts of Broon. The natural shine on the surface of Broon never fades.




The emblem attached on the grille enhances the sophisticate looks of Broon.






The two-tone colored foldable side mirrors add convenience and stylish looks.








The highly responsive gear lever allows Broon’s dynamic driving capability.









The bucket seat with 4-point seat belt provides the most safe and comfortable place for your child.







The tail lamps are the key aspect of Broon’s sophisticated design.






Broon’s speakers deliver high quality sound. Play your child’s favorite songs and movies.








The steering wheel is specially designed to increase the visibility of the tablet PC

3rd Generation BROON

Exterior Color



Dual 12V 70W Driving Motor System (Hall sensor Included)
Cortex M3 32bit Main Control System
Bluetooth 4.0 BLE Remote Control System
Rear wheel drive (2WD Direct Drive)
Front : Gas shock absorber (Double wishbone) / Rear : Coil spring suspension
Electronic control gear reducer brake system
Electronic Accelerator/Brake (Ratio Control)
Electronic Steering Wheel System (Ratio Cotrol)
F830Steering Motor System (Steering sensor included)
LED Touch Switch Control Board
MP3 Player Interloked with Vehicle
Door, Hood, and Trunk (open/close)
Bucket type plastic seat
Polyurethane Foam Tire
12V 7Ah Battery pack
Leather seat designed ergonomically (Bucket type urethane)
Head Light / Aux. Light / Turn Signal Light / Tail Light / Brake Light / Backup Light
Premium Dark Silver painted wheels.


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